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Assandine's Icelet Ishtar



Ishtar's pedigree
Show Photo's

Ishtar, as she is currently known will be joining Northmoor very soon. We are so excited to meet our new baby and are greatful to Emilia Leinonen Kennel Assandine in Finland for sharing such a lovely girl.
--UPDATE!!! Ishtar is home! Ishtar flew to us on January 4th. She hopped out of her crate like it was not a long journey. We are happy to have her home and she is settling in nicely. She has already learned to roll in the dirt and is happily being slobbered on by the other Sams.
--UPDATE" Ishtar takes her first points in Cortez CO.. A MAJOR~!~! Go Ishtar!

Casual Photo's of Ishtar:

Ishtar Ishtar Ishtar
Ishtar with her sister

Thanks Emilia for her wonderful Christmas photo shoot!

New pictures of Ishtar January 2008!

After rolling in the dirt, we learned we get a bath! Shockingly she still fits in the kitchen sink.. for now..



Ishtar's  Photo shoot with Pirate, Northmoor Voyager Shiver Me Timbers.
Photos taken by Tom Weigand of The Winning Image.

Ishtar in the Best Puppy ring...

Ishtar says she should always win!